Shikshamitra is an open learning cum resource centre working in the area of middle school education. Having successfully run a school for 5½ years and imparted training to several govt and NGO school teachers, we have emerged as a training body for teachers, students, parents and related practitioners.
Trainings currently offered
What is so special about our training?
Trainings so far… and their reports
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Trainings currently offered

At present, we offer the following programs –

Accelerated Reading
Creative Writing
Foundation English
Primary Math – Bridge
Middle School Math
Environment Education
Art & Craft

What is so special about our training?

What do I gain?
  1. The programs are interesting.
  2. I can talk, express better.
  3. I learn to enjoy what I teach.
  4. I can become creative my self and feel good about my self.
  5. Through these programs I also pick up good class management techniques. These will help me to manage my class better. Even children who have difficulties (learning difficulties and slow learning) will feel included.
  6. I become better accepted, my students will love my teaching and what I teach.
  7. Once my students learn to become better readers and writers, they will do well in other subjects, e.g. – math, science
  8. I am able to make good & appropriate TLM and listen better.
  9. I can teach / motivate other teachers.
If I don’t take these programs

I miss all the above and

  1. I do not pick up easier, more interesting and time saving modes of learning & teaching.
  2. I miss the chance of learning techniques to reduce my teaching load.
  3. I miss the chance of finding answers to most daily class room problems that I complain of.

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